Milwaukee Background

Milwaukee rose to early prominence as a dealer of grain, and the city become the most important shipper of wheat in the world within the early 1860s. Shipping became joined by .

Milwaukee is a community where history comes to life. From its obscure beginnings as an Indian settlement and its hopeful days as a booming Great Lakes port,

More contagious COVID-19 variant found in the UK reported in Milwaukee – The variant known as B117 was reported in Milwaukee on Jan. 28 and health officials urged residents to continue to take.

A Brief History of Milwaukee. The place that is now Milwaukee has been the site of nearly continuous settlement for thousands of years, but when Europeans.

Whether you're a local who wants to show off your MKE pride or planning a future vacation, these backgrounds are the perfect way to bring some Milwaukee to.

History and Heritage. Honoring our roots. There's no doubt about it. Everywhere you look, Milwaukee is well into a 21st century transformation. While we look.

Exploring Milwaukee Our bus to Milwaukee arrives inside the center of the metropolis, so you'll at once be able to start exploring. While in Milwaukee, you can catch a Bucks or Brewers . Milwaukee Museums Reopening to the Public in March – Discovery World, the Harley-Davidson Museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Milwaukee Public Museum will

Milwaukee, town, seat (1835) of Milwaukee county, southeastern Wisconsin, U.S. It.

History. The Milwaukee region was once domestic to several Native American.

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